Auditing & Implementation:

Client Services:

  • Baseline and Issue-Based Risk Assessments
  • Legal Compliance Audits / Certificates – Occupational Health and Safety Act and other applicable Legislation
  • SHERQ Management System Design and Implementation
  • Quality Management System Implementation (ISO 9001-2015)
  • Environmental Management System Implementation (ISO 14001-2015)
  • ISO 45001
  • Incident/Accident Investigation with Root Cause Analysis

SHERQ Management Systems Implementation Project Plan:

Phase 1: GAP analysis & Identification of process

Phase 2: SHERQ Management Systems development

Phase 3: Implementation

Monthly Consultation Packages:

ISO NET offers various Monthly Consultation Packages for clients who feel that they do not have the resources to implement and maintain a Health and Safety or Legal Compliance system.

This service is provided with a comprehensive Health and Safety Program Maintenance System, which ensures a total Quality Legal Compliance System.

Contractor Management:

Contractors can unfortunately also add risk to a company’s operations.

Standards or performance criteria required for the contractors needs to be set for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. Some contractors will require criteria only for Health, whilst others will require performance criteria for Safety, Health and Environment.

It is clear that the performance criteria for contractors should be based on the perceived risk of the contractor’s activities to the company and its employees as well as risk to the employees of the contractor.

Safety File:

  • ISO NET will update contractors’ safety files to comply with the new CONSTRUCTION REGULATIONS of 2014
  • ISO NET will compile a site-specific safety file for a construction project
    The safety file contains all legal documentation, including legal appointments, registers, toolbox talks, etc
  • ISO NET will implement the file and explain how to maintain it
  • ISO NET will draft a site specific Safety Plan, ISO NET will ensure that the Client approves the plan and will assist the contractor if any changes are required
  • ISO NET will ensure that all legal requirements on construction sites are met
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